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Cubicle Solutions  cubicle & furniture Installation
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Office furniture and cubicles work hard for you. Even with normal daily use, the best made systems can, over time, experience wear and tear. Corporate mergers, acquisitions, or brand updates may mandate new color schemes. To keep your office in top condition and looking great, CSI offers repair and maintenance as well as refurbishment services to restore or upgrade your furniture to like-new condition.

For larger, more complex cubicle restoration projects, our refurbishment team dismantles your office furniture system and brings it to our in-house workshop for comprehensive refurbishing. Here our team re-upholsters panels with customer selected fabrics, makes modifications to panel heights and widths to accommodate specific work styles, re-paints metal parts and cabinetry to match corporate color schemes, and refinishes scratched or worn wood surfaces to a full shine.

Our on-site repair and maintenance team works directly at your location to make minor repairs and perform scheduled maintenance on your modular office systems and furniture. CSI technicians come directly to your office and working from your punch list, make repairs such as un-sticking stuck drawers, re-touching scratched surfaces, straightening dented panels, or replacing lost or damaged parts like chair wheels, drawer pulls or broken locks. On-site fabric cleaning is also available for spot or full-panel cleansing to keep fabrics fresh, clean and bright.

Repair, maintenance and refurbishment can save time, money and resources by re-using existing furniture, or matching new or used inventory to an existing office plan. Our trained team brings years of experience to your repair, maintenance or refurbishing project ensuring your office space looks great and works smoothly.

Contact CSI to learn more about our repair and maintenance service contracts, or to get an estimate for your refurbishment project.