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We are your single solution to all of your office environment needs.

Cubicle Solutions, Inc is the largest non-union furniture installation company in the Northeast.


For the past 19 years, CSI has been the leader in office furniture installation excellence and is rated the #1 installer by New England’s top office furniture dealerships!



"Building Relationships One Piece of Furniture at a Time."


What's new at CSI

Pallet Racking



Warehouse Shelving

CSI specializes in the installation of warehouse pallet racking systems and warehouse shelving.  Our warehouse shelving includes various options.  All of our racking systems serve a similar purpose, but can vary in functionality and application as needed.

Recent Projects

Serving all of New England

Office Furniture Installations

Commercial Moving Services

Warehouse Storage / Distribution

Inventory / Asset Management

Liquidate and Recycle

Repair and Refurbishment Shop

Architectural Walls

Project Management / Design

Social Distancing Products

Pallet Racking Installation



11 Garabedian Drive
Salem, NH 03079
Toll Free: 866.444.2823




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