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Services Provided by CSI Custom Division -

At CSI Custom Division, our Management and staff have well over 30 years of experience in all aspects of the office furniture business. We work together with our sales department to always do our very best to meet every customer's needs and requests. We want you to have the confidence that your project, whether it is large or small, will always be done with the highest quality of workmanship that it deserves. We always want our customers to count on us when it comes to making their problems disappear.

Problem Solving 

Helping customers/dealers with common issues that may come up during installations.


  • Custom cutting work surfaces or panels to fit a space that had measurement changes, or any unforeseen space issues such as a column or wall.

  • Repair of damaged product if possible, to avoid reordering.

  • Refabric damaged or stained panels or other fabric covered product to restore to like-new condition.

  • Make many other custom cuts or tweaks to products to avoid a prolonged delay of an installation, which in turn, enables the projects to be completed on time.

If you need something, please feel free to ask.  Over the years, our team has encountered various types of projects and challenges.  It is very likely we can help you.

Panel Cutting

With many panel systems, we can cut to a different factory or custom size, height and width, to open up a work space and
change the look of an entire floor, or just one station.

Refabric Panels and Components

With most panel systems, old or worn out fabric can be replaced with a factory or custom ordered fabric to give an older panel system a fresh and affordable new look.

Work Surface Cutting

Most work surfaces can be cut and re-edged to like-new condition, to go with panel size changes or custom sizes, per request.

Custom Tack Board Manufacturing and Installation

We make and install, custom fabric covered tack boards that come in sizes that are customized to your needs. They can be flush mounted using commercial grade Velcro, offset mount using bumpout strips and commercial grade Velcro to allow over head light cord access, or a hidden cleat mounting system that is screwed to the wall.

Custom Work Surface Support Base

If you require freestanding work surfaces, we make quality support bases that can be painted to match your trim color.

Power Data Box Access Holes

In shop or on site, we will professionally cut out access holes for most power data boxes/charge spots in conference tables or worktops. This process is done by our highly trained professional staff using a custom template and a router. This makes for a smooth, perfect fit each time, avoiding any loose fitting rough and chipped out jigsaw cuts. Our staff will always clean up after the work is complete and leave your facility without a trace that we were there.

Custom Made Wall Starters and Filler Panels

If you have an unforeseen gap at the end of a run of panels, or a pipe running along a wall, or maybe an extra thick base molding along the wall, and you have panels that must be mounted in that location, -- No Problem! We can build you a custom wall starter or filler panel that can be notched to fit around an obstruction or just to fill a gap. This can also be painted to match your trim.

Custom Distancing Barriers for Health and Privacy

Mobile Panel Dividers Manufactured in our Shop to your Specifications
Help maintain social distancing and physical separation to protect employees and visitors.  Counter barriers, sneeze guards, desk separators and counter spacers are all integral tools required to promote healthy public safety practices in today's world.
Shop our selection of customized stationary and free-standing mobile panel dividers that can easily be added to any space without incurring costly construction.
We manufacture in our shop with quick turn around times for large and small orders.



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